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Alcami’s scientists have more than 40 years experience developing analytical methods and procedures to support drug development and manufacture. Equipped with first-in-class lab and process analytical technologies, Alcami’s labs are flexible and designed to achieve optimal results in an efficient and timely manner.

Alcami offers a broad range of analytical testing and related services including the following listed.

  • Compendial monograph testing per the USP, EP, BP, JP, FCC, ACS
  • Analytical method development, verification, transfer, and validation studies for small molecules and biopharmaceuticals
  • Drug substance reference standard characterization studies
  • API characterization
  • Heavy metals, trace metal impurities, and elemental impurities testing
  • Residual solvents as per USP <467>
  • Container and closure system integrity testing
  • Disinfectant qualification and disinfectant efficacy studies
  • Element impurities per USP <232>, <233>

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