parenteral manufacturing

Years of Collective Experience Collaborating with Companies Developing and Manufacturing Parenteral Products.

Alcami’s manufacturing facility in Charleston, South Carolina, is home to a scientific and technical staff with years of collective experience collaborating with companies developing and manufacturing parenteral products. This US- and EU-compliant and DEA-licensed manufacturing facility is fully integrated with packaging and distribution and offers comprehensive services from clinic to commercial supply.  Our team has extensive commercial experience successfully processing small and large molecules (proteins, peptides, monoclonal antibodies, and other large molecules). Finished product forms are a particular area of focus and include liquids, lyophilized products, suspensions, emulsions, and terminally sterilized vials.

  • Fill/finish of large molecules/biopharmaceuticals
  • Aseptic/sterile drug product processing
  • Terminally sterilized pharmaceutical products
  • Sterile solutions, suspensions, emulsions
  • Lyophilization cycle development

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Alcami provides custom packaging, labeling, and kitting for materials destined for trials anywhere in the world. We also provide specialized expert support for randomization and blinding studies, including placebo, comparator, and crossover studies, as well as reconciliation drug accountability and destruction services as needed.

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