On-Demand Webinar: Submitting Samples through Alcami OnDemand™

Using Alcami OnDemand to submit Analytical Testing projects is a simple process that will save you time and streamline project tracking. This webinar will detail the finer points of online sample submission. We will show you how to build a sample submission project in Alcami OnDemand and walk you through the following processes:

  • Adding lot information
  • Reviewing project costs
  • Starting your project
  • Locating and downloading your shipping instructions
  • Adding tracking details and verifying safe receipt of your samples

For those already familiar with Alcami OnDemand, this webinar will offer suggestions for optimizing your use of the system and will highlight recent feature updates that have been introduced in the platform.

Length: 60 Minutes

Alcami Presenter 


Stephanie Zimmerman
Alcami OnDemand
Customer Experience Manager                     

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