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While the situation with COVID-19 continues to rapidly evolve, Alcami remains focused on the health and safety of all employees.  We are thankful that, through their dedication, all of our sites continue to be fully operational, and we continue to progress development and supply of critical therapeutics.  Federal and local restrictions are beginning to be lifted, but have not materially changed with regard to the precautionary measures that Alcami is already following as an essential business. 

Alcami is continuing the following protective measures:

  • Remote work for employees where possible
  • Social distancing for all personnel at our sites
  • Use of Protective Face Coverings (PFCs) in general administrative and laboratory areas
  • On-site symptom monitoring
  • Quarantine, hygiene, and contact-tracing procedures
  • Allowing only essential visitors to our sites
  • Allowing only essential employee travel

Alcami continues to assess when it will be feasible to resume high priority activities such as quality audits for our facilities.  If you need to confirm a visit to one of Alcami’s facilities, please reach out to your primary contact (sales, project management, quality) or use the Contact Us feature at Contact Alcami so that we can discuss when and how this may be possible.  We are also pleased to discuss alternatives to onsite visits that may fulfill your needs.

We are incredibly proud of the amazing resilience and professionalism displayed in response to this global challenge, and would like to thank all our employees, clients, and partners for their continued efforts to maintain these essential services.  Please continue to check this page for additional updates and information as the situation progresses.  If you have any questions about your current projects or need Alcami’s support for additional projects, please reach out to your Alcami sales or project management representative.

FAQ for Clients around COVID-19

What is Alcami doing in response to COVID-19?

Alcami's Medical Crisis Steering Committee (MCSC) is monitoring the CDC website ( along with communications from various state and local health authorities, and remains actively engaged in ensuring business continuity and the protection of employees and the communities in which we operate. Alcami is deemed an essential service, therefore all sites remain fully operational and provision continues to be made for regular advice and communication to all employees regarding updates and guidance from the CDC. Recapping measures taken to date: 

  • Implemented a remote work policy
  • Implemented workplace social distancing
  • Prohibited non-essential travel and attendance at business related events
  • Issued precautions for employees considering personal travel
  • Restricted client and vendor site visits
  • Implemented employee and visitor wellness self-assessments
  • Established on-site temperature monitoring for employees and visitors
  • Established site temperature testing stations and quarantine procedures for the detection and containment of possible infection
  • Provided employees with tele-medicine or virtual visit option to obtain medical advice without need to enter clinic
How is Alcami mitigating risk within the supply chain?

Alcami continues to work closely with trusted suppliers across the world to assess the situation with respect to timely supply of raw materials and consumables, particularly those originating within the worst affected regions. At this time, we do not anticipate any negative impact associated with the supply of materials required to adhere to current project timelines. Should this change as the situation progresses, any companies whose projects are affected will be notified in a timely fashion.

Does Alcami have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)?

Yes. Alcami has a controlled, documented procedure to manage all foreseeable aspects of an epidemic/pandemic situation, including robust processes for safeguarding employees and site operations via travel restrictions and site visit conditions, as well as confirmation of continuity from supply chain and distribution partners to mitigate against impact to delivery for clients.

Are Alcami operations impacted?

All Alcami sites are fully operational and, to date, there has been no impact to production at any facilities, including scheduling, turnaround times, or quality oversight. Additional procedures have been implemented regarding employee hygiene practices whilst on site, in particular upon entrance and exit to key operational areas to ensure protection of both people and product.

Is Alcami impacted by State executive orders related to temporary business closure or restriction?

Alcami is considered an essential business, with operations that are critical to the healthcare infrastructure and essential to public health, and therefore is exempt from temporary closure or restriction by state orders.