About us

Alcami is a world-class contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) with executive offices in Wilmington and Durham, North Carolina. Alcami is the first company to offer a solution that is tailored to small and mid-size pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Beyond that, we can integrate our services so customers experience a simplified engagement with a single project management relationship, full visibility from development into manufacturing, and shorter turnaround times. With over 900 employees operating at eight global locations, our combined capabilities include:

Alcami offers an end-to-end outsourcing opportunity that can be integrated for a less fragmented, cost-effective, and faster pathway for products through the clinic toward commercialization, as well as individualized development and manufacturing services. 

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We make it easy for our partners to bring their products through the clinic to commercialization, embracing an approach that integrates our operations in a unique and highly effective way and where a product’s potential is turned into reality day-after-day. With a flexible and responsive approach, our Project Management group will help ensure the focus is always on the best possible outcome for your product at every level.

Alcami meets all applicable local, state, and federal regulatory requirements, including current GMPs and country guidelines for the United States, Canada, EU, and EU Member State regulatory bodies (e.g., EMA, MPA, IMB). We also incorporate international standards as part of the Quality Management System and meet expectations established by the USP, EP, and JP. We comply with all regulations and standards, including those regarding controlled substances (DEA), radioactive materials (NRC), environmental protection (EPA), child-resistant container-closures (CPSC), and employee safety (OSHA). 

It is our goal to be the most efficient, safe, and reliable option to bring your product to market.

Alcami offers all phases of pharmaceutical drug product development for small and large molecules through two laboratories located in Durham and Wilmington, North Carolina. These facilities have supported more than 500 Investigational New Drug (IND) filings and over 50 NDAs, ANDAs, and NADAs since 1985. Our cGMP API facility in Germantown, Wisconsin supports Alcami’s process development/scale up and clinical and commercial supply of APIs for customers worldwide. Regional cGMP analytical laboratories in St. Louis, Missouri and Wilmington, North Carolina provide comprehensive analytical testing solutions for Alcami customers’ new drug entities and biologics, as well as generic drugs, chemicals and animal health, and medicated consumer health products. Alcami’s cGMP drug product manufacturing facilities support clinical and commercial supply. Our Charleston, South Carolina facility is focused on processing parenteral products while the Wilmington, North Carolina facility is dedicated to oral solid dose manufacture. Both are fully integrated with Alcami’s packaging and distribution center.

For Corporate Development inquiries, please contact corporatedevelopment@alcaminow.com.

The Alcami experience is flexible, transparent, and proactive every step of the way.