ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Submitting Samples through Alcami OnDemand™

Join Alcami for a webinar to learn more about submitting samples through Alcami OnDemand, a customer portal that provides clients unprecedented and rapid access and visualization into ongoing projects. 

Using Alcami OnDemand to submit Analytical Testing projects is a simple process that will save you time and streamline project tracking. This webinar will detail the finer points of online sample submission. We will show you how to build a sample submission project in Alcami OnDemand and walk you through the following processes:

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Alcami Launches New Features and Enhancements to Alcami OnDemand

Alcami OnDemand™ is a customer-focused portal giving you the power to know where your results are at all times. Alcami OnDemand (AOD) features quoting tools, project tracking, material and test reference libraries, a progressive messaging center, and central file repository. AOD provides you with the ability to build a custom sample submission quote quickly and track major milestones within your project.

Alcami’s new features and enhancements to the platform allow for a more user-friendly and intuitive system. Our mission is to continuously bring first-to-market initiatives to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries— further increasing our commitment to our clients and their patients. Improved features include:

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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Quoting and Sample Submission. Made Simple.

Join Alcami for a webinar to learn more about Alcami OnDemand™.

Introducing a faster and easier way to submit your samples. Our Alcami OnDemand™ portal has been designed to streamline engagement, provide additional insight into our work efforts, and ultimately – unprecedented access, transparency, and visualization into your project work. 

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Editorial: Transparent and Timely Testing

Alcami recently authored an article featured in Speciality Chemicals Magazine titled "Transparent and Timely Testing." 

Analytical testing is a pre-requisite for the majority of products that use specialty chemicals, but it can be time-consuming and complex. CDMO Alcami outlines the advantages of using a CDMO and introduces its Alcami OnDemand program management portal, which offers transparency and quick turnaround times.

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Track Your Project with Alcami OnDemand™

Introducing Alcami OnDemand™, our new customer portal that allows our clients unprecedented and rapid access and visualization into their ongoing projects. 

The Alcami OnDemand portal serves as a single source for customer project and order management with shared views to manage orders, libraries of compounds, test results and account management. The system provides user prompts based on real-time project data. 

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