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Name: Christopher Williams
Alcami Site:
Wilmington, NC

How long have you been with Alcami?
I have been with Alcami since 2011.

Chris_Williams_headshotWhat is your role?
I am the Manager of a Method Development and Method Validation group, which is part of the Development Services team at our Wilmington, NC location.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Having the opportunity to learn and help others around me learn every day.

Any cutting-edge technologies or processes you (or your team) have been working?
Recently we have embarked on a couple of interesting and rewarding items:

1. Food Studies for modified release bead in capsule product on 16 different food substances, including water, juice, baby formula, mashed potatoes, yogurt, smoothies, and pickle juice.

2. Elemental Impurities – The development services group in Wilmington has focused on developing and generating a method that can quickly be executed and is appropriately validated so clients can use the results in their filing.

How do you see both items affecting the pharmaceutical industry?

1. These studies involve exposing drug products to food and developing methodologies to extract and analyze the product from the food substance. This work is required to allow more options for alternative administration. Alcami will be published in a poster scheduled to be presented by a client this spring.

2. This method will streamline the ability to generate appropriately valid results for clients to use. This method allows for testing of APIs, excipients, and drug products without full development or generation of a protocol, and results for a sample could be obtained with just ~1 day in the lab.

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