Name: Michiel VerspagenScientist Spotlight

Alcami Site: Weert, Netherlands

How long have you been with Alcami?
I have been working for Alcami for 16 years.

What is your role? 
I am an organic chemist in the process research & development laboratory at our Weert, Netherlands site. I develop, adapt, and analyze the chemical synthetic routes used to create new active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and make them suitable for large scale processing in our plant.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? 
Nothing compares to the sheer bliss of scientific discovery. Using new chemical techniques and innovative technologies to overcome the challenges of novel synthetic routes is particularly gratifying to me. The realization that these scientific innovations help bring our customers' drugs to market and might possibly affect the lives of millions of patients in the future makes them even more rewarding.

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What are your team’s latest achievements?
We recently developed a totally new way of synthesizing an API for one of our clients. This novel synthesis used radically different reagents from what had been previously used in literature and industry, thereby mitigating the risks of residual impurities present in the final product, resulting in a far superior approach. We have been able to generate the API in unprecedented yield and purity using this novel synthetic approach, and are now working with our Center of Excellence for API development, scale up, and commercialization in Germantown, WI to implement the new process.

How do you see those accomplishments affecting the pharmaceutical and biotech industries?Challenging age-old methodologies and finding better ways to do things is what drives our team forward. Either by using novel synthesis concepts or by improving processing techniques, we strive to generate higher yields while elevating the quality of the APIs we prepare for our customers. These still-experimental medicines have the potential to define the futures of the companies who entrust them to us and most importantly, have the potential to influence the lives of future patients. Each of these projects should be as dear to us as it is to them, and we intend to honor that unspoken agreement.


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