Editorial: Fuelling Pharma's Innovation Engines

Alcami President & Chief Executive Officer Dr. Stephan Kutzer recently took part in an interview for Manufacturing Chemist titled "Fuelling Pharma's Innovation Engines." 

According to Stephan, small and mid-size pharma and biologics companies are the innovation engines of the industry. “Each year, the number of new INDs and NDAs increases and we anticipate this trajectory to continue. We see more than 5000 clinical introductions on an annual basis. Cancer treatments are a particular area of focus for many of our clients and we expect our pipeline for these therapies to grow within the next 5 years. Our target accessible market is around $8 billion.”

KR: How does Alcami plan to grow with the industry?

SK: We have strategically invested in capability extensions and operational excellence initiatives to better meet industry demand. At our Germantown (Wisconsin, USA) Center of Excellence for API development, scale-up and commercialisation, we have supplemented our existing pipeline with HPAPI suites and controlled substance capabilities.

In Wilmington, North Carolina, we have added serialisation capabilities to our oral solid dose and parenteral drug product packaging lines. We have also installed a second manufacturing line for sterile drug product at our clinical and commercial parenteral manufacturing and lyophilisation facility in Charleston, South Carolina. In St Louis, Missouri, we’ve unveiled a new state-of-the-art Center of Excellence facility for advanced analytical testing, which significantly expands our laboratory capabilities.

Growing with the industry comes down to listening to our clients. We work with our customers to transform their ideas into a scalable drug product and then substantially accelerate its path to market. We’re also developing our team to advance client-centric initiatives and onboarding in-house emerging pharma and biologic trailblazers to take our clients’ projects to their next major milestones.

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