Editorial: Enabling Technologies Advance Poorly Soluble Highly Potent APIs

AlcamiAlcami recently contributed to a special feature in Pharmaceutical Technology magazine, titled "Enabling Technologies Advance Poorly Soluble Highly Potent APIs."

Excerpt from Alcami: In fact, challenges in containment can limit the technology that can be deployed for solubility enhancement, according to Adam Kujath, global senior director of manufacturing science and technology at Alcami. “Typical API approaches for solid dosage forms to improve solubility like micronization and spray drying are more difficult to outfit with appropriate containment systems. For instance, milling of solids, while not impossible to do in appropriate containment, poses a challenge since it tends to create dust in the breathing airspace for any worker. For parenteral formulations, lyophilization presents a similar challenge,” he says.

To learn more about overcoming the challenges of poorly soluble highly potent APIs, follow the link below.


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