Editorial: Analytical Testing - Contractors Take on the Challenge of Complex Molecules

AT_Article_Photo.jpgAlcami recently contributed to a special feature in Drug Development and Delivery magazine titled "Analytical Testing- Contractors Take on the Challenge of Complex Molecules." The article highlights some of the analytical testing services that leading contractors offer aimed at the increasing complexities of today’s pharmaceutical pipelines.

Alcami: Playing a Role in Opioid Product Formulations

Alcami offers a range of services with extensive experience in development and validation utilizing various detection techniques. For peak identification specifically, mass spectrometry and NMR equipment, as well as standard characterization, are deployed. Moreover, Alcami has cleaning validation experience, particularly in its oral solid dose and sterile manufacturing facilities. Alcami also provides complete environmental monitoring and water analysis services. Alcami assists with API structural characterization, drug product formulation, and full-on method development/validation work in support of a product’s lifecycle and production. At present, Alcami has more than 265 products in its portfolio. Alcami’s API portfolio includes more than 90 clinical and 20-plus specialty commercial and generic products, and its drug portfolio encompasses more than 90 clinical and 65-plus specialty commercial and generic products.

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