William Boomershine, Ph.D.

Dr. William Boomershine is a Principal Scientist at Alcami Corporation. He earned his PhD in Biochemistry from The Ohio State University for his research on the solution structures of archaeal Ribonuclease P proteins using NMR. He has more than 11 years of experience in the pharmaceutical development and manufacturing industry characterizing small molecule APIs, peptides, and proteins using high-resolution mass spectrometry. He possesses a strong knowledge base in peptide and protein chemistry and development of analytical methods for peptides and proteins.

White Paper: Structural Characterization of Biologics Using High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Biopharmaceutical products represent up to 20 percent of the total pharmaceutical market and are growing at a rate of nearly eight percent annually. To keep up with this impressive growth rate, many contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) are making strategic investments in equipment and expertise to support analytical development and structural characterization of biopharmaceuticals in more economical and efficient ways.[1]