Brent Harlow

Brent Harlow

Brent Harlow has experience performing microbiological testing in the pharmaceutical industry since 2009. He joined Alcami in 2014 and has considerable experience in performing validation and suitability work for Microbial Limits Testing and Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing and is the subject matter expert for Microbial Genetic Identification testing and Microbial In-Use Studies. Brent has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the Ohio State University.

Recent Posts by Brent Harlow:

The Top Eight Most Asked Questions about Microbial In-Use Studies

According to Dr. John Metcalfe, “pharmaceutical companies go to great lengths to manufacture a drug product which is sterile, whether by terminal sterilization or aseptic processing. Equally important to the microbiological quality of the product at the time of product release is its microbiological quality at the time of patient administration.” This Q & A featuring microbial in-use studies with microbiological expert, Brent Harlow, will address the most common questions asked about these studies.

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