Adam Keisker

Adam Keisker

Richard “Adam” Keisker is the Supervisor for Laboratory Support for Alcami’s St. Louis site. He oversees the coordination of analytical samples in a pharmaceutical testing environment, specifically the stability programs protocol approvals, storage, sets, and release for analytical testing. Adam graduated from Lindenwood University with a B.A. in Chemistry with a concentration in forensics and is currently pursuing his MBA degree from Western Governors' University.

Recent Posts by Adam Keisker:

eBook: Guide to Stability

Stability is an integral part of the drug development process. With every stability study, it is essential to focus on the quality attributes of the product— most importantly safety.

Throughout this guidebook, Alcami scientists will discuss stability testing procedures, the “how” and “what” of degradation in the measurement of shelf life, the importance of storage conditions, and the necessity of following a medication’s recommended guidelines.


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Stability: Back to the Basics - Part V

Part V: The Summation of Stability and Quality Attributes

In this five-part blog series, Alcami scientific experts, Russell Crothers and Adam Keisker, go “back to the basics” to examine the importance of stability in pharmaceuticals.

The final post in this series examines the summation of stability’s role in the drug formulation process. From molecule discovery through product release to market, quality attributes are carefully analyzed to support product success and protect patients.

In the first step of the drug formulation process, drug discovery or the non-clinical phase, researchers investigate new understandings about a disease and design a product to stop or reverse its effects. Advanced technologies are explored, often to either target drug substances/active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to specific locations within the body or to manipulate genetic material. During this phase, extensive research and development on how the finished product will be formulated also occurs.

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