Alcami Helps Fight Opioid Addiction Epidemic

Abuse-deterrent iStock-687356630.jpgOpioid addiction is a public health crisis impacting millions of individuals of all ages, from all backgrounds and walks of life. Drug overdoses are the leading cause of death in the United States[1]  and communities across the country are struggling to respond to the epidemic. Alcami is committed to combating addiction and fighting substance abuse through its ongoing abuse-deterrence program and is answering the national call for help by dedicating much-needed resources to local treatment, education and recovery services.

Heart of Wilmington logo.jpgIn Wilmington, North Carolina, where Alcami employees have worked and lived in the community for over 35 years, the company is partnering with Heart of Wilmington – a nonprofit organization committed to helping people find personalized drug abuse recovery options, as well as maintain their recovery. Heart of Wilmington, or H.O.W., utilizes their Facebook page and website to help those in need connect with treatment resources and support outlets, overcome financial and logistical barriers and learn about addiction and recovery. The organization hopes to remove the stigma of addiction and build a united front against the epidemic.

Stop Heroin Now logo.jpgAlcami’s Germantown site recently teamed up with Stop Heroin Now, a Wisconsin volunteer-based nonprofit dedicated to fighting the opioid crisis throughout the U.S. Like Heart of Wilmington, Stop Heroin Now is guiding people to life-saving rehabilitation and counseling services. Every $550 they raise supports a person in recovery for 28 days.

Alcami is also an experienced ally for performing in vitro abuse-deterrent studies. Over the last five years, the company’s Durham, North Carolina laboratories have designed and executed numerous studies for a variety of dosage forms and abuse-deterrent formulation strategies. In the changing abuse-deterrent formulation regulatory landscape, it is important to rely on a partner with expertise and a reputation for success.

Please read “Abuse-Deterrent Studies – An Interview with Angela Moore to learn how Alcami’s leading abuse-deterrent studies scientists are strategically combating the epidemic and hear a behind-the-scenes view into the opioid crisis. 

[1] Office of the Secretary, HHS. “About the Epidemic.”, US Department of Health and Human Services, 31 Oct. 2017,

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