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The Alcami Advantage: Imaged Capillary IsoElectric Focusing (iCE)


Alcami has a Protein Simple iCE3 system with back-end
Empower integration to meet routine testing needs for
charge heterogeneity analysis, as well as rapid method
development/optimization and method validation. To view the full iCE poster, click here.






The Alcami Advantage: Stability Capabilities

stability_hall.jpgAlcami has the facilities, expertise and experience
to ensure your stability studies to execute your
stability study whether it is a project to support global
registration, a change to a commercial product, or the
pre-clinical API stability study to support an IND. To view the full Stability Capabilities poster, click here.




The Alcami Advantage: Biotech Capabilities

USE_ME.jpgPharmaceutical and biotech companies are facing growing
competition, and with that, more pressure to rapidly
innovate. The area of large molecule pharmaceuticals
presents an opportunity for drug companies to
differentiate and expand their therapies. Alcami has the
experience and technologies to develop the proper
biotechnology program to meet regulatory compliance
guidances. To view the full Biotech Capabilities poster, click here.


API Manufacturing and Development

_DSF6356.jpgAlcami’s European development center is located in Weert, Netherlands. The Weert facility is a 12,500 square meter site specializing in process research and development, with extensive analytical capabilities including a state-of-the-art Solid State Laboratory. Alcami’s US API development center is housed in a state-of-the-art 5,575 square meter cGMP facility. The site is fully equipped to support development and manufacturing from kilo to ton scale, including plant scale hydrogenation and cryogenics (-90C). To view the full API Manufacturing and Development poster, click here. 




Parenteral Manufacturing

AAI-_CHARLESTON-8.jpgAlcami’s 4,460 square meter manufacturing facility in Charleston, South Carolina, is home to a scientific and technical staff with extensive experience in supporting programs from preclinical all the way through to commercial supply. Alcami provides custom packaging, labeling and kitting for materials destined for trials anywhere in the world. To view the full Parenteral Manufacturing poster, click here. 



Solid Dose Manufacturing

SolidDose_CoatingPanWPerson.jpgAlcami’s Wilmington, North Carolina site works to support programs such as development of the initial formulation through to commercial manufacture of solid oral dosage forms in tablets or capsules. Our facility is licensed by the US DEA to manufacture Schedule II-V substances along with highly potent compounds. To view the full Solid Dose Manufacturing poster, click here. 





The Alcami Advantage

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