packaging and labeling


Optimal situation that generates efficiencies attractive
to everyone

Alcami’s clients recognize that having packaging and distribution solution tightly integrated to manufacturing is preferable an optimal situation that generates efficiencies attractive to everyone – especially those with experience fielding more complex supply chains with multiple providers. We provide custom packaging, labeling, study kit assembly and storage for worldwide research studies.

  • Solid, oral dose primary packaging
  • Semi-automated and fully-automated bottle lines
  • Blister packaging (thermoform / coldform)
  • Semi-automated cartoning
  • Vial labeling and secondary packaging
  • Clinical labeling: multilingual, open and blinded labels
  • Product returns and reconciliation

With the ability to accommodate clinical through commercial supply cycles, Alcami’s inherent flexibility allows clients direct access to a more rational and simplified supply chain, starting with stand-alone packaging services and extending to full development programs with integrated manufacturing, stability storage and analytical support--all guided by our expert project managers, quality and regulatory affairs teams.

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