Interview: Alcami CEO Featured in Special Report on United States’ Biopharmaceutical Industry 2017

GlobalBusinessReports_Interview.pngDr. Stephan Kutzer, PhD., Alcami CEO and President, is featured in an interview published in the Global Business Reports' Special Report on United States' Biopharmaceutical Industry 2017.

Whilst Alcami’s new brand identity was only announced in March 2016, the roots of the company can be traced back through its four parent companies: Cambridge Major Laboratories, AAIPharma, ChemShop B.V. and Celsis. How extensive is Alcami’s service offering?

The result of combining and growing these four companies is a robust end-to-end offering from development of preclinical drug substance to final dosage form packaging of drug product. Alcami today has six sites in the United States and one in the Netherlands, offering a fully integrated service package, providing detailed attention to small- and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies that may lack the in-house capacity and expertise for navigating the clinical and regulatory paths. Our focus is not only on developing the process design and the manufacturing path, but also on developing a regulatory strategy for a successful pathway through the clinic and the launch.

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Topics: Thought Leadership